Monday, December 21, 2009

Fluffy Pillows

If your pillows have gone flat, and you don’t want to buy new ones, buy a bag of poly-fill from your local fabric or craft store and refill them. Using your seam ripper, make a 6” opening on one end and stuff the poly-fill starting in the far back and work your way toward you. If you need a new cover, too, then buy some muslin and use the old cover for a pattern. Just be sure and not to over fill them or they may become too firm.

I decided to refill our pillows rather than buy new ones. So I purchased a 32 oz bag of poly-fill at Joann’s for $6.00 and then a 20 oz bag from Walmart for $3.00. So for a total less than 1 pillow, I was able to refill 5 pillows. I also made new covers for my husband by using the old pillow cover as a pattern and cutting out new ones from some muslin I had on hand.

I practically made new pillows for my husband. So if I hadn’t needed so much poly-fill for 2 of the pillows, I would have probably had extra on hand. Needless to say, we are all able to sleep more comfortably now.